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Welcome to the site of The NATIONAL Baseball and Softball Clinic

Early 2009 the first conversations were held with the internationals Robin van Doornspeek (baseball) and Nathalie Gosewehr (softball) to organize a great clinic weekend in the Netherlands.

These clinics are held by (ex) players of the national Dutch baseball and softball teams.

Instructors that already participated are:

Kenny Berkenbosch, Gian Boekhoudt, Kevin Weijgertse, Alexander Smit, Marloes Fellinger, Kirsten Scheele, Paul Nanne, Noémie Boekel, Michiel van Kampen, Anne Blaauwgeers, Eelco Jansen, Michael Duursma, Danny Rombley, Areke Spel, Rob Walgien, Bill Froberg, Swen Huijer, Sidney de Jong en Rachid & Bryan Engelhardt.

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