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Give children confidence!

Give children confidence and learn to learn independently

Enjoy! Learning

Our mission is that we connect with the talents of the children (as far as they can). We teach them that, doing the best you can, and working hard and doing a lot of exercise can be fun. That gives confidence and the desire to learn. Learning and studying are, in our view, no simple processes of simply acquiring knowledge. Therefore, during our guides, we pay close attention to the process of learning to learn. All this in a very nice, friendly and atmospheric environment! Look for

The same goes for sports! Therefore Enjoy! Learning sponsors the
Do we see each other on Sunday the 22nd on the fields of DVH in Amstelveen?

On behalf of Enjoy !, Berber and Joy Ellen
Team trainers

We can introduce you to some instructors who will be present at SPARKS Haarlem on Sunday 23 October. If you want to be there, sign up soon! First of all, the man has played among others.: Amsterdam Pirates, Hoofddorp Pioniers and Neptunus. Since last year, he is also a fixed value as a right-hand pitcher of our Dutch Team. (14 caps)
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce, Mr. Bayron Cornelissen.

Number two in this short lineup is the number 26 of Neptunus, catcher and D.H.
Powerhitter (hits left) and now has 32 interlands behind his name. Was already present to us 3 years ago, then in Almere.

Ladies & gents.. Mr. Gian(ison) Boekhoudt!

Last but not least.
After the 2015 season he moved from UVV to The Amsterdam Pirates.
A fixed value, of course, International.
Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Gilmer Lampe

Of course Dene Guilot, Carlo Steensma, Paul de Bree and both Anasagasti's will be there.
Due to vacation René and Daan Baltus will not be presesent.
Do you need more reasons to register?
Sponsor van het jaar 2016

Every year the sponsorship committee will choose a company wich will be entitled: Sponos of the year.

For the year 2016 this tilet will go to : Hart voor de Zaak located in Leiden.
Hart Voor De Zaak has a strong reputation as creative advertising agency. Since the start of 1996 we work for national, international en regional clients. Our motto reads: "Should they be with you, then you must be with us". We anticipated at an early stage the changing market conditions and wishes of our clients. Over the past few years Hart Voor De Zaak has grown from advertising agency in the tradional sense of the word tinto a cross-channel comunication group with four seperate companies.

Thank you for your trust in our comapany!

André Steensma
Hitting Clinic with Kalian Sams is Uitverkocht!

Hitting Clinic with baseball Pro Kalian Sams!
(Kalian Rivalino Sams, born August 25 1986, is a Dutch professional baseball player of the Texas Rangers organisation.)

Hitting Clinic:
Provided on Saturday 6th February by the following NBSC-Instructors: Paul de Bree, Carlo Steensma, Jasper de Jong en Kalian Sams
In the Roerdompzaal in Aalsmeer.
In the morning for Pupils and 1ste years aspirants, in the afternoon for aspirants, juniors an seniors.
In de ochtend voor pupillen en 1e jaars aspiranten, en 's-middags voor aspiranten en junioren/senioren.

Of course there is a signature and photo session!!

The clinic lasts 90 minutes per group and costs € 20 p.p.
Maximum of 19 partisipants per group, so sign up soon!
Sign up is closed. No longer possible!  
See you on Saterday the 6th!

Paul, André, Carlo, Jasper en Kalian
NBSC Promo
Promotie video NBSC
NBSC saturday 19th October 2019
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